Hair Cuts & Styles


Image & Styles by Milan takes great care in providing our clients with every option for their salon services.  A complimentary consultation is available with each salon service.  Our tiered pricing structure is designed to let you choose your level of experience at our salon.   All our Stylists are licensed cosmetologists.  They have formal education and are trained in the latest techniques and trends in cuts, styles, and color.  The Master Stylist tier is based on advanced education, years of service, client base, and quality of service.

Cut & Style
Stylist Master Stylist
Shampoo, cut, style $35 up $45 up
Cut & style with flat iron $45 up $60 up
Shampoo, blow dry only $30 up $45 up
Girl’s cut (under 9) $20 $30
Men’s cut only $16 $20
Men’s shampoo & cut $21 $25
Boy’s cut (under 9) $12 $18
Baby’s first haircut $12
Bangs trimmed $5
Special Occasions
Special styles for high school events $45 up
Shampoo, blow dry, & up-do $70 up
Shampoo, blow dry, up-do, & make-up $95 up